Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dr Matcheswalla- Psychiatrists Doctor in Mumbai

Searching for the best psychiatrist for yourself can be a never-ending task. It’s like searching for a soul mate. One who would understand your troubles and empathize with you while trying to make it better for you. If you live in or around Mumbai, Dr Yusuf Matcheswalla is no doubt the psychiatrist for you. He runs a centre for psychiatric rehabilitation in Mumbai itself. Dr Matcheswalla is considered the best psychiatrist in all of Mumbai.
For those who don’t live in Mumbai, here are a few traits to look for in a psychiatrist while making your choice.

  1. Humility – Many medical professionals tend to believe that they have uncovered the deepest secrets of medical science and psychiatry, while human brain continues to confuse even the greatest of scientist. Therefore, humility is a trait that must be looked for in a psychiatrist.
  2. Prescribes in a judicious manner – It shouldn’t happen that your contents of your prescriptions is being decided according to the samples the doctor has in the shelf. The prescription must be jotted down according to your psych evaluation and diagnosis and not depending on the free meals he is getting through the drug rep.
  3. Addresses the elephant as well as the rat in the room – A good psychiatrist evaluates all the major conditions and symptoms as well as the underlying conditions before moving forward with the treatment plan.
  4. Accessibility – A good psychiatrist must be asses-sable. You should be provided with the call number by the psychiatrist in case of emergencies.
These are the traits that must be a part of a good psychiatrist. Dr Matcheswalla possesses these traits and more.